Water Element

Water is a Spray Element elements in Magicka. It can combined with Cold to create Ice or with Fire to create Steam. It is dispelled with Lightning. Water applies the effect "Soaked" to the target and will slightly knock back light targets.


  • Applies effect: Soaked (soaked targets take extra damage from Lightning and my be frozen by Cold. Fire will not ignite a soaked target).
  • Removes debuff: On fire (damage over time effect; bypasses armor)
  • Creates Knockback
  • Hazardous to mix with Lightning
  • Opposite to Lightning

Attributes and UsageEdit

  • Water does no damage by its self.
  • If a spell is created with steam, lightning using cold will allow the player to cast the spell with water,lightning (replacing the steam)
  • Will actually heal plant based monsters such as Ents.
  • Can be combined with many other spells to add the dampening effect in addition to the spells normal effects.
  • Water with Earth is a useful dampening projectile.
  • Water, Earth, and Shield can be used to create a strong barrier that also dampens all melee attackers.


Water is used in the following Magics

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