Level Crowns Price Icon Name Damage Speed Ability Description
N/A N/A N/A Icon Blade of Default.png Blade Of Default 210 0.60 Flurry A weapon from the providence of Default. Sorry..."Defaulté."
N/A N/A N/A Best idea.png The Bad Idea 195 0.55 Throw Annoying Thing Some genius tried to remedy a bad idea by producing another one. If you want to cheer on a sports team, or kill someone using blunt trauma; this is the thing for you.
N/A N/A N/A Icon Vendetta Dagger.png Vendetta Dagger* 87 0.25 Throwing Dagger A long slender dagger that's perfect for slicing and dicing up close, or at a distance.
N/A N/A N/A Icon Founder's Sabre.png Founder's Saber* 210 0.60 Rush These high quality blades were forged to be carried by the officers in the Wizard Wars. They are lightweight and perfectly balanced, they are easy to swing and tremendous to use for showing off.
N/A N/A 4.99 Sacred horn.png Sacred Beast's Horn 210 0.60 Rainbow Rush Long ago there used to exist a race of beautiful beasts with horns on their heads. "Used to"...
N/A 30000 N/A Gladius.png Gladius 210 0.60 Rush The blade of choice in the King's Arena. Some may laugh at its short range, but they learn to fear its speed. Those who die by its steel are certainly not entertained.
N/A N/A 14.99 Sacrificial dagger.png Sacrificial Dagger 122 0.35 Flourish A daemonic ornamental used by Grimnir and his followers to scare small children and Wizards alike.
2 5000 N/A Icon Rusty Knife.png Rusty Knife 87 0.25 Flourish This old, trustworthy blade might not be the sharpest tool in the shed. It could however be the sharpest on in your enemy's gut.
4 7500 N/A Icon Bearded Axe.png Bearded Axe 350 1.00 Cleave Almost as blunt as it is sharp, this barbaric weapon is a must have when you want a sheer amount of force.
N/A N/A 6.99 Cleaver.png Wurstmacher's Cleaver 350 1.00 Cleave "mmm...köttfärs" The terrifying war cry that few have lived to translate.
4 7500 N/A Icon Hatchet.png Hatchet 210 0.60 Throwing Axe Perfect tool for wilderness survival. Use it to chop down wood, houses, fences, or just throw it at people and see what happens. (DISCLAIMER: Do not throw axes at people! They're expensive!)
N/A N/A 2.99 Badger.png "The Badger" 192 0.55 Flourish The forest dwelling shamans use these sturdy metal claws (no it's not bone, I don't care about canon) to prove they've earned their stripes.
? 15000 N/A Bat.png Baseball Bat 175 0.50 Wallop A polished piece of wood that's sometimes used for sports, but most often to induce sweet, concussion based dreams on unsuspecting foes.
N/A N/A 34.99 Wrench.png Wrench 175 0.50 Wallop A common tool used by engineers in their workshops. Easily re-purposed to a weapon that packs a punch.
? 40000 N/A Pitchfork.png Pitchfork 157 0.45 Lunge The best tool imaginable when you need to feed cattle, or if you're part of an angry mob.
N/A N/A 24.99 Spear.png Valkyrie Spear* 157 0.45 Lunge A spear used by the Maidens of Death. It's light, quick to swing and has great range.
16 100000 N/A Icon Gungnir.png "Gungnir" 250 0.80 Hurling Spear A spear imbued with magical properties, enabling it to fly without ever stopping. After the first weapon test, it was forever lost. The next model got upgraded with a fetching system.
N/A N/A 3.99 Spear of longinus.png Spear of Longinus 250 0.80 Hurling Spear A seemingly unnatural creation found by Vikings on their travels, this spear was famous for poking some guy stuck to a tree.
28 100000 N/A Icon Exotic Blade.png The Exotic Blade 210 0.60 Quickdraw Forged from the finest, by the greatest swordsmith in the far [insert cardinal direction here]. However this blade was found in the Highlands, for some reason.
N/A N/A N/A Razer blade.png Razer Blade 210 0.60 Quickdraw The worlds thinnest blade is also it's sharpest. This is as stunning and intuitive as a sword is ever going to get.
N/A N/A 4.99 Cutlass.png Cutlass 210 0.60 Quickdraw A good cutlass can cut through most scallywags and landlubbers. It's a pirate's best friend, making the parrots green with envy
? 100000 N/A Frost cleaver.png The Frost Cleaver 150 0.60 Chilling Scourge A weapon stolen from the Miniature Ice Giants, this blade has more than one way to cut someone's tongue off.
N/A N/A 6.99 Blightgrief.png Blightgrief 150 0.60 Chilling Scourge The weapons used by the Northern lich war leaders that tried to invade Midgard but couldn't get past the locked fence in the Highlands. Not the blightest bunch.
? 100000 N/A Fire Longsword.png Fire Longsword +1 10 0.60 Burning Inferno Standard strait sword. This strait sword is effective in most situations (especially if the situation involves setting stuff on fire)
N/A N/A 6.99 Firebrand.png Firebrand 10 0.60 Burning Inferno A blade set aflame by applying the Essence of Fire onto it. Which contained a canister of Gas'o'line.
48 120000 N/A Icon Flintlock Pistol.png Flintlock Pistol 145 0.70 Gunfire A mad weapon smith took it upon herself to create an all new form of weapon, to be feared by all and lead humans into a new era. This is the type of gun they killed her with.

* Only available for those who pre-ordered the Alpha version of Magicka: Wizard Wars.

** Only available to the Developers of Magicka: Wizard Wars.