Max Hitpoints 6000
Species Troll
Appearances Chapter 1 End Boss
Weaknesses Fire (F)
Regeneration 100
Speed 3
Score Value 1500


Ygg is Magicka's first real boss, not counting Behold the Watcher. He bursts in the large doors to the outpost north of the Castle Aldrheim. He grants the achievement No more trolling.

Ach trolling.jpg No more trolling

Defeat Ygg.
Chapter One boss.

Defeating Ygg[]

From the Chapter 1, Area 5 Ygg Guide:

Ygg, the aforementioned Forest Troll comes charging into the camp. It is large and carries a large wooden tree trunk. It moves relatively slowly, especially if it is slowed with the Cold element. It regenerates hitpoints all the time but this can be stopped by setting it on fire. It does three types of attacks.

  1. Perform a swing of the wooden tree trunk, knocking back everyone standing in front of it for a large distance and doing moderate damage.
  2. Grab someone (preferably not you) in his hands and slowly eat it until it dies. If this happens, press spacebar repeatedly to shake free or use an area stun spell such as SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)+Shift+Right click.
  3. Kick someone in front of him for a small amount of damage, knocking it backwards for a short distance.

There are 3 main methods of killing Ygg:

  1. Kill it with a huge damage spell. Use the recommended SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A) beam.
  2. Heal the guards attacking it with a healing beam (Life (W)) and they will eventually kill it.
  3. Charge a Nightmare Hailstone (Earth (D)IceIceIceIce force) and release it when there will appear a free (of soldiers) path for it. Will kill Ygg in one shot.

There are 2 possible outcomes to the battle (that doesn't involve you dying):

  1. Ygg dies and Captain Bjorn (the soldier in the red cape) dies. A soldier runs in from the northeast, moans about his death and tells you to go on through it on Havindr. Pick up the Captain's Axe dropped by the dead Captain Bjorn if you wish.
  2. Ygg dies and Captain Bjorn lives. He congratulates you on your prowess and because you're so good, you are to continue on towards Havindr without his help (he's supposed to accompany your journey). He gives you his Captain's Axe as a reward.
Tip WARNING: Do not kill Captain Bjorn until AFTER the boss fight, otherwise the cutscene will not trigger and the boss will not spawn, thus preventing you from continuing the game. UPDATE: This bug has been fixed as of Feb. 2nd, 2011 with Patch #7.

Killing Ygg will complete the "No more trolling" achievement.